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The ABT Mediagroup offers several services for direct marketing from premium printing to finishing and also optimizing marketing- and communication processes. Since their founding in 1937 they are always one step ahead to help the customers being succesful. With their headquarters based in Weinheim they are an innovative, independent and regional provider for print and new media.

Hackerstolz is a young association originating from the metropolitan area Rhine-Neckar. We organize hackathons, support the /digital’bright blond’|table soccer/g culture and promote the inclusion of more women in IT.

Brand eins is the business magazine that looks at change. We are not interested in status quo, we are interested in what is developing. We are looking at the economy, society and culture for signs of a new era, for people and companies who are facing up to the future.

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The German Startups Association was founded in 2012 and is the representative of startups in Germany. Their unique bottom up approach is reflected in all that they do. Headquartered in Berlin with fourteen regional representations, they are constantly growing. Bringing together more than 700 startups from various sectors and in all stages and over 50 corporate members and business angels to create synergies between old and new economy.

Women in Tech is an initiative by STARTUP MANNHEIM. They inspire women to tackle the tech and entrepreneurship field. They give role models a platform, fuel entrepreneurial tech skills and connect the right people.

bigFM not only provides with Germany’s biggest beats – but they also care about the education and future of pupils, students and young professional newcomers. With their career portal ‘bigKARRIERE’, they are supporting them with important information and helpful hints to start their career the right way.

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The MAFINEX Technology Center, situated in the Mannheim neighborhood Lindenhof, is the perfect place for start-ups in the Technology and IT business. This campus is ideal for communication and synergies, with the best equipment and infrastructure possible and active support by the Center’s Management who organizes networking meetings and establishes contacts with companies and investors.

With more than 8,000 full-time students, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg, as well as the most successful one when it comes to acquiring external funding for its applied research and development.

The Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V. supports scientific, technological and knowledge based startups with a broad information and consulting program, including support in finding funding or offices and labs. We offer a broad range of events to educate, sensitize and connect students and scientists who are interested in entrepreneurship. We support startup teams in developing sustainable business models and we help them to find investors.

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The Mannheim Forum is one of the biggest student run conferences in Germany gathering renowned people from businesses, politics, science, and culture at the University of Mannheim to enable discussions between the leaders of today with young and bright minded students, which will define the world of tomorrow.

Q-Summit believes that great success can only be achieved by creating bonds between corporates, startups, investors, students as well as researchers. Therefore Q-Summit wants to establish and provide a base for this connection across all of these groups.

Practical and theoretically sound, international and future-oriented - studying at Mainz University of Applied Sciences prepare students for their careeres and their future in the best sense of the word. We are known for the interdependence of teaching, research and practice. The cooperation between the university and industry is particularly close here: the on-the-job degree programs alone cultivate 450 cooperative partnerships, mainly in the business sector of the Rhine-Main region.

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„Deutschland startet“ was established in 2013 with it's main goal aiming to support young founders and start-ups across the country. The core competencies stretch from offering advice along with all relevant business information towards financial concepts to also involve draft proposal of a suitably tailored business plan as well as marketing strategies in promoting self-employment of start ups.

The Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MCEI) is the interdisciplinary center for entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Mannheim. With its three core pillars inspiration, entrepreneurial education, and startup support, it helps create a culture of learning, knowledge exchange, innovation, and excitement for startup development.

Thinc! e.V. was founded as the first startup initiative at the University of Mannheim and has been determined ever since to provide students with knowledge and content about startups and entrepreneurship through workshops and events with founders and companies.


KinderHelden supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds by partnering them with adult mentors. These volunteer mentors come alongside the children to offer them the attention, time and inspiration needed to help them find their place in society. Their work is project-based, e.g. they run school-based and workplace mentoring projects and collaborate with schools and business across the Rhein-Neckar, Rhein-Main, Stuttgart and Hamburg regions.

The UX-DAY in Mannheim has made an international name for itself for over 10 years with top-class speakers from Google, Microsoft & Adobe and has established itself in Germany as a permanent event in the UX sector. The event brings together user experience enthusiasts from all over Germany and across all industries.

firma.de provides a comprehensive, fast and easy company formation service that enables founders to stay business-focused instead of getting lost in legal regulations. Via digitisation and a fully integrated ecosystem consisting of banks, notaries, lawyers & tax consultants, firma.de is creating startup stories all over Germany.


Deutschland Business Briefing (de.bus) – local business stories you love – is the most innovative channel for regionally targeted corporate and start-up news. de.bus publishes regular business briefings, business stories and carries out creative event formats that bridge decision makers of corporates and start-ups. Being a start-up itself, de.bus has managed to already attract a broad readership base of corporate innovators, founders, freelancers, and regionally oriented businessmen.

Design Offices is the leading provider for corporate coworking and spaces for agile workflows and innovation, with over 29 locations throughout Germany and a total floor space of about 110,000 sqm. The offering comprises flexible offices and co-working spaces as well as inspiring venues for conferences and events – perfectly matched to the requirements of the New Work philosophy. The offering is complemented by a comprehensive array of on-demand services. 

DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER are the only political representation in Germany for the interests of family entrepreneurs under the age of 40. Their members are owners or partners of a company, generate an annual turnover of at least 1 million Euro and/or have at least 10 employees and are registered in the commercial register or in the craftsmen's register.